Global March of India : Dialogue on National Values for Great India


The idea of civilizational values is fading and national values is rising. We need to transform our societies with right insertions before they are destroyed. Sacrifice of today will become tradition of tomorrow. It has always begun with those who are in high order of ‘Purushartha’. That remains secret of continuity and sustainability of Bharat.

Our nation has received recognition of many accolades from an intellectual giants to global religious centre, a country with demographic dividend, for its Information Technology lead, for its space research, a strong emerging market and a rising super economic power. There are many other praises our country has received in last several decades. With this praise and strength, also comes the unfulfilled and unattended areas of national priorities and India is also known for its falling education quality, female foeticide and gender imbalance, safety and respect of women, farmer’s poverty, population explosion, caste-ism, maoism, terrorism, foreign intrusion, secessionism, corruption of moral and material form, and deformed religious and social practices which cause our society and nation to be a less confident and weak nation. India is fighting with many ailments at a time when it has been weakened internally and externally by own people for smaller gains.  

The development of society and the nation is being debated in a binary format of Zero and One i.e. either it happens and done by government or it does not happen. The national and social values of the country are being slowly lost in absence of a national and social pride, lost recognition and behaviour of the role models of the society, imbalance of society and government responsibility and action, and misplaced sense of nationhood.

Nations like Japan, USA, Germany, France, South Korea, Singapore and China did not create them from the government initiatives and actions only but these are shaped by deep interest and involvement and commitment of the citizens of the country. The moral and functional responsibilities of the citizens must be delivered for the nation.

It is at this time, when the society and weak of the nation sleep in a state of unconsciousness, then the rightful and virtuous persons become active by awakening and fulfilling their actions. Thus, the aspiration to move forward with self-realization and deliver to the social and national interest is real consciousness.

As citizens of our nation, we cannot escape from our responsibilities only with the transferring of the burdens on the government. The mistakes of few scholars or intellectuals are carried forward if debates and deliberations discontinue. A nation faces many forces of destruction including intellectual which are silent and influential and have power of destruction of a nation. A democratic nation has to answer these forces through governance, create strength and peace through narration, and make the society progressive through social and economic activities.

A weak nation cannot create a safe and developed society and nation. It is must to become self-sufficient and powerful, and the capable, committed and rightful have to come forward to serve the society and the nation. This remains the biggest service in Dharma.

Many organizations and active citizens are engaged in resolving these existing problems and the narrations. Few individuals and organisations have experienced these problems and present a unique solutions and these are also working very hard to address the national issues.

Map of Tibet (Tibetan Empire)

Map of Tibet (Tibetan Empire)

Along with few other organisations, Forum for Awareness of National Security (FANS) makes special efforts to become national voice of those who are busy in addressing our national challenges. We envision the ‘BHARAT MARATHON 2030’ to create another movement in the country to make our country great again.