National Security - A Vision

It is a historical facts that since the time of Mahabharata till 11th century Bharat played a significant and major role on the world history in the field af art, culture, tradition and trade etc. Later on if nineteenth century belonged to Europe and twentieth century belonged to the U.S. then many believe that 21st century belongs to Asia with India playing a major role in shaping and influencing the international scenario. Undoubtedly Bharat is one of the emerging super powers of the world. It is one of the most ancient civilization on earth which has survived through centuries despite invasions and domination by foreign and alien invaders.         

Several factors have contributed towards the resilience and resurgence of Bharat in its emergence as a great power. These factors include history, geography, demography and economic factors.     

Geographically, India is blessed with a strategic location in the middle of Hind Mahasagar protected by the mighty Himalyan ranges on the north and surrounded by sea on three sides towards the south. India’s location overseas the transoceanic sea trade routes from Africa to Australia. The Bharatiya continent though ruled by several kingdoms over the period of history was united as Akhand Bharat by Ashoka the Great and influence of Bharat extended from what is now Afghanistan in the north to the Islands of Sumatra in the south. Economically, Bharatiya continent has been the richest place in the world where trade and commerce extended as far as Rome in ancient periods. Several centuries of plunder and later colonialization by the Europeans eroded our prosperity and economy. However, since independence India is resurgent and on its path to reclaim its lost glory and power in international arena. 

However this march towards progress, prosperity and empowerment is being thwarted by many challenges, internal as well as external. It is evident that only an aware and an awakened nation can handle these challenges successfully.

On the front of internal security we have the issues of terrorism in Jammu & Kashmir and the North-East, left wing terrorism i.e.  Urban Maoism, Naxalism, Intellectual Maoism which plays a crucial role in indoctrination of young minds intellectuals and students against the nation, religious-racial extremism and regionalism. The threats of technical and unconventional warfare such as cyber, nuclear, biological warfare are also to be addressed simultaneously.                      

To strengthen our external security and for safe borders we have to stop cross border illegal infiltration, smuggling of weapons, drugs, fake currency and human trafficking. Simultaneously strengthening relations with neighbouring countries, the prospects of Act East Policy, coastal security, security of islands including Andaman Nicobar Islands and Lakshadweep, enhancing blue water capability and evolving strategic relationships with nations such as Srilanka, Maldives, Seychelles, Mauritius etc are various issues to be aware of and to be addressed accordingly. 

To strengthen and secure our nation socially, culturally and environmentally the issues of climate change (melting of glaciers, deforestation, pollution, rising temperature), security of water bodies, socio-cultural-educational reforms, management of natural resources, role of social media, demographic challenges and stabilization, legislative-judicial-police reforms are some of the issues which are to be dealt with urgently for our cohesive march towards progress. 

After wide and deep deliberations (Manthan) on the above mentioned challenges and threat perceptions to our national security, FANS is preparing a Vision Document for a powerful and prosperous Bharat which will not only ensure peace, progress and security for our citizens but also steer the rest of the world too towards a more secure and harmonious future free of debilitating conflicts. The one day National Conference “Manthan National Security-A Vision” on 27th December 2018 shall set the agenda for our society and our nation and for all of us too. The under lying theme and objective of course shall be and will be “Prosperous Bharat, Strong Bharat and Secure Bharat.”        

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राष्ट्रीय सुरक्षा - एक दृष्टि

National Security - A Vision

27th December, 2018

Dr. Ambedkar International Centre

15, Janpath, New Delhi 01

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